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Centrifugal Fans and Heavy Fabrication

Centrifugal Fans and Blowers

Centrifugal blowers and fans are supplied as forced cooling units for AC/DC machines. The blowers and fans are custom built to work in electrical motors and generators.


They can also be easily adapted to suit any other requirement.


The blowers and volutes are designed using state of the art software as per international standards and practices as required.


The fans and blowers manufactured are tested in-house wind tunnel testing facility designed as per international standards.


Complete Forced Cooling Unit with centrifugal blowers, motors and suction filters can be designed, fabricated and supplied.

Centrifugal Blowers

Heavy Fabrication

SIMCO is specialised in the heavy fabrication of products according to customer drawings and requirements. The following are the typical fabricated products:

  • Power Transformers Tanks

  • Distribution Transformer Tanks (NTPC certified)

  • Water Cooled Stator Frames

  • Sole Plates

  • Auto Claves and Pressure Vessels

Stator Frame
TT 1
Sole Plate
Heavy Fabrication
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